Digital Innovation in Agri-Food Systems Laboratory [DIAL]


What We Do

At DIAL Ventures we tackle big problems facing the U.S. and the world such as food safety, supply chain shortages, sustainability, and environmental impact. Through innovation we strive to make the lives of all of us in this distributed manufacturing system that we love, increasingly better for years to come.

We do this with a threefold strategy:

How It Works

Moving research to the marketplace is typically long and arduous. DIAL Ventures changes that. The Agri-food industry needs discoveries translated quickly, introducing innovations that can rapidly affect changes in the market. DIAL Ventures is perfectly positioned to bring together industry expertise, entrepreneurial talent, and Purdue’s highly ranked faculty and technology assets to make this happen. DIAL Ventures creates innovative companies based on emerging trends and opportunities, using a rigorous and well-defined process to achieve success. Watch this video to learn more about our process.

Partner For Success

Corporate PARTNERS

The Agri-food industry is a complex network of producers, distributors, growers, packagers, and consumer retailers. All of DIAL Venture's corporate partners are seeking early access to develop innovative ideas and agility in bringing new solutions to the market. DIAL Venture's corporate partners engage in our innovation process, investigating new technologies, adding potential new revenue streams, repositioning their business, and making a positive industry impact. DIAL Ventures creates an alternate path for corporations to develop new ideas they care about while closing gaps between external perceptions and their internal culture of innovation. Corporate partners work closely with DIAL Ventures and the Fellows on ideation, take new solutions to the market and participate in growth within the industry.

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Innovation FELLOWS

Highly motivated individuals with a passion for entrepreneurship. They have a desire to own and drive something meaningful. They want to build/grow a business with confidence without the typical roadblocks of entrepreneurship. By partnering with DIAL Ventures, they get direct access to the industry, its thought leaders, established supply chains, and potential customers as well as a monthly stipend and customized training to be successful. DIAL Ventures offers personal development, business support, and a condensed timeframe from idea to funding to launch through a repeatable turn-key process. The end goal is for Fellows to become co-founders of the companies they develop the DIAL Ventures' studio process.

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Investor Partners

Participate in the cadence of innovative companies we launch. We select top entrepreneurs and a proven concept development process to de-risk our company leadership, and their teams, while consistently reducing time to revenue. DIAL Ventures works with its Innovation Fellows and corporate partners to validate the key areas to make changes with an outside-in, needs-driven approach to innovation. Therefore, our investor partners can be assured that our due diligence in people, process, and product launch reduces risk while driving upside growth. DIAL Ventures' innovation ecosystem provides a consistent pipeline of ideas, talent, and lower risk curated startups.

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We are building an innovation ecosystem. Partner with us today to help create startups that bring digital innovation to the food and agriculture industries.

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