The Future of Traceability and Transparency in the Food System

A joint analysis from Purdue University’s Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability (CFDAS) and DIAL Ventures examines current consumer and producer demand for transparency in the food supply chain.

Now more than ever, consumers and producers alike are demanding transparency in the food system. But what does transparency really mean to these populations, and what are the challenges and market opportunities created by an increased demand for transparency?

In this paper, we will leverage results from the March 2023 Consumer Food Insights (CFI) survey to discuss a select few topics related to traceability and transparency. The monthly CFI surveys are conducted by the Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability (CFDAS) at Purdue University, with more than 1,200 real consumer insights to offer. Then, we analyze how consumers perceive traceability in food items’ labels regarding topics such as the types of information contained in them, consumers’ trust in those labels, their preferences on how to access that information, and some key trends in traceability. Finally, we close with overall conclusions from this study and implications for the industry going forward.