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We are searching for entrepreneurs to join our program

We are creating innovation in the Agri-Food industry by launching new startups every six months. You're invited to apply if you: 

  1. Are an entrepreneur with an innate drive to accomplish great things.
  2. Willing to learn from your mistakes and accept coaching from experienced startup veterans.
  3. Are a self-manager with enough ego to accept many "noes" on the path to a big "yes".


  • Paid Fellowship
  • Residency travel to learn from industry experts
  • Education on how to build, manage, and grow a startup
  • Comprehensive support from ideation to pre-seed funding
  • Potential to become co-founder of a launched company

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2022 Fellows go to Washington

How is this opportunity different?

One of our goals is to provide DIAL Fellows with critical startup leadership training so you are ready to be a startup co-founder. We help launch innovative companies in the agri-food industry without the typical roadblocks and delays entrepreneurs face with the typical venture capital path!

As a DIAL Innovation Fellow, you will build robust connections with industry experts and an extended network of investors, university researchers, policy specialists, and other entrepreneurs to grow and inform your business. You will engage with industry to identify critical needs and challenges, then work closely with the DIAL Ventures team, industry experts, and Purdue faculty, staff, and students to discover potential ways to address those challenges.

Our annual cohort of fellows enters with backgrounds across all industries and technologies, and through the DIAL Ventures studio process, engages agricultural industry partners to generate novel solutions with an opportunity to launch their startup in a co-founder role with up to $1M in pre-seed funding.

We provide you with industry learning and research assistance to identify market needs and customer jobs-to-be-done along with go-to-market strategies to reduce time to revenue. DIAL will also help develop your narrative, improve your sales pipeline, and pitch with you. We’ll even make sure you have the right people by assisting with early hiring, identifying advisory board members, and help you gain access to sources of seed capital.

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