The Ideation Challenge

Purdue DIAL Ventures is challenging Purdue Students to help us create digital solutions to problems in the agricultural and food value chain. Your team’s solution proposal will guide DIAL Fellows’ pursuit of startup companies that help create a better,  more connected food system.

What Will You Do?

You will be given descriptions of specific industry challenges related to the general themes seen in the box to the right.  The descriptions will identify key industry segments and the nature of the job they are trying to accomplish in this area.  It will also identify the pains and gains for these customer segments.

Your team’s goal will be to pick one of the specific industry challenges identified and create a Customer Value Proposition to match these challenges or Jobs To Be Done. To help you in your preparation you will:

  • Be provided a base framework to help you develop one PowerPoint slide summarizing your value proposition.
  • Have access to the DIAL Innovation Fellows to learn from them how these challenges were identified and what they see as important about each of the identified challenges.

What you Will Deliver

Your team’s final deliverable will be a 10-minute video presenting your idea using the one PowerPoint slide that summarizes the value proposition.  All participants will use the same preformatted PowerPoint Slide to summarize their idea.

DIAL Ventures Industry Themes

Labor: Addressing challenges in identifying, hiring, training, and retaining employees at all levels of the food supply chain.  

Food-Consumer Nexus: Connecting producers to consumers while enhancing food security, food safety, nutrition and food choice.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance): Helping industry achieve some of the goals stated in the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Data Inter/Intra Operability: Helping firms meet the challenges of data collection, data storage/warehousing, data analytics, analytics communication, data-driven decision-making, etc.

Financial Complexity/Risk Management: Addressing challenges of financial and risk management for firms in the agriculture and food industries including cash flow management, insurance, loans, payment operations, etc.  

Traceability/Transparency: Creating a transparent and traceable agriculture and food system where products can be traced across the value chain in an efficient manner.

What you Will Win

1st Place − $4000 for the team
2nd Place − $2000 for the team

The winning teams will also become Purdue DIAL Ventures Ambassadors, participating in DIAL’s communication pieces, publishing content, and receiving invitations to selected events.

How to Enter Your Team

We invite you to review the Challenge Instructions. Then click on the button below to register. Note that this is a group registration, so every team (composed of up to 4 individuals) will submit a single registration.

Take The Challenge!

Important Dates

  • 9/23 – End of the registration period (Noon)
  • 9/26 to 9/30 – Challenge Week
  • ~9/26 – Orientation Day
  • ~~Opportunity videos and one-pagers released
  • ~~Orientation session
  • ~9/27 – Opportunity Day
  • ~~Opportunity Q&A sessions
  • ~10/2 – Deadline for pitch video and one-pager submission (11:59 pm)

Legal disclaimer

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